Our Commitment

Founded in 1983, the Georgia Law Center for the Homeless is a national pioneer in the movement to end homelessness.

A catalyst for transformative justice for those who are experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk of becoming homeless, GLCH is an innovative holistic practice that provides free expert legal services, social work and advocacy.

We are dedicated to partnering with our clients to achieve self-sufficiency and ultimately, to end homelessness, one journey at a time.

Since 1983 GLCH has provided transformative justice to those who are experiencing homelessness.

IPV Film

Stay tuned for the release of GLCH’s groundbreaking 8-part film series highlighting legal and safety strategies from a survivor centered perspective.

Journey out of Homelessness

Read on to learn more about Carletta Eaton's inspirational story of fortitude and strength.

Welcome Home

The key to our success rests in people like you, who embody the spirit of greatness by saying, "Yes I can, and so can you!" Thanks for your inspiring dedication and tremendous example to the world.


There are many faces of homelessness, with each one representing unique circumstances and challenges. Please help Georgia’s individuals and families break the cycle of homelessness by making a gift to GLCH.

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