Our Commitment

Since 1983 GLCH has provided transformative justice to those who are experiencing homelessness. Through lawyers, paralegals, social workers, advocates, and community volunteers, GLCH compassionately fights for justice and successful outcomes for our clients. Our core legal and social work services include housing and eviction assistance, income and benefits claims, family law and education law.

  • We acquire benefits for veterans who are homeless and disabled.
  • We recover unpaid wages.
  • We save housing vouchers.
  • We increase income, child support and benefits.
  • We fight to protect individual survivors and families from abusers.
  • We try the challenging cases that increase clients’ access to justice.

Throughout the years, GLCH has impacted the lives of thousands of people experiencing homelessness in Atlanta. Spearheading collaborations over the course of decades, GLCH is an incubator for social change advocacy, founded upon the commitment to provide vital services and to combat the underlying causes of homelessness and poverty. Our advocacy work includes multiple dimensions, among them personal advocacy for our clients, community outreach and transformative justice.

GLCH at a Glance

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