Specialized Programs

Housing First

By combining the expertise of our social workers and client advocates along with zealous counsel and representation from our experienced legal team GLCH is able to provide a holistic approach to our clients’ needs. Our goal is to quickly and successfully connect individuals and families experiencing homelessness to permanent housing without significant preconditions and barriers to entries. Under the Housing First program we believe that everyone is “housing ready.” Eliminating the preconditions of sobriety, treatment compliance, background checks, and even criminal histories we strive to connect our clients with stable and permanent housing. This approach with the unique continuing supportive services provided by GLCH has proven to make significant improvements in quality of life, in the areas of health, mental health, substance abuse, and employment.

We provide various types of housing assistance including Rental Assistance to prevent evictions and homelessness as well as Rapid Rehousing Assistance to help our clients with securing a new home by helping with the security deposit and the payment of future rent to allow for a transitional period.

For further information please contact Dawn Brown at 404-681-0680 ext 110 or email dbrown@galawcenter.org

Identification Advocacy

The Georgia Law Center for the Homeless recognizes that our clients face numerous struggles and have a broad variety of needs. We have identified a significant population that has, for varying reasons and in unique circumstances, lost their identification documents. GLCH recognizes that without a birth certificate, or the ability to effectively obtain a copy, individuals find themselves in a relentless cycle of instability. With our Identification Advocacy program we efficiently and effectively obtain copies of birth certificates for clients which many times is the first step and provides hope for a better quality of life. With the Identification Advocacy program clients regain control and access to the ability to obtain government-issued ID, apply for federal benefits, receive vital food and housing, and sustain their livelihood through employment.

Eligible clients in need of a birth certificate are encouraged to apply for our advocacy program. We obtain birth certificates on behalf of clients so that they can obtain an ID, Social Security Card, employment, benefits, and more.

For further information please contact Genevieve Jones at 404-681-0680 ext 103 or email gjones@galawcenter.org

MARTA Transportation Assistance Program for the Homeless

The MARTA Transportation Assistance Program for the Homeless Administrative partnership with MARTA and the Atlanta Center for Self-Sufficiency (ACSS), providing individuals experiencing homelessness with MARTA cards for travel purposes, eliminating transportation as a barrier to achieving economic stability.

For agencies interested in becoming a partnering agency for the Transportation Assistance Program for the Homeless, please contact Shae Taylor at 404-681-0680 or email martaprogram@galawcenter.org

Survivor Support Program

Survivor Support is a collaborative, trusting relationship built between survivors of intimate partner violence, social workers, and attorneys. The goal is the reclamation and growth of a client’s safety, power, and control over a survivor’s life. Our unique position and the intersectionality of our work enables us to offer expert services that address IPV and homelessness, identifying and responding to the needs and strengths of the entire person. Our holistic service model works with survivors to apply assessments, safety planning, legal intervention, and case management on their journey towards safety and wellbeing. Whether a complex litigation case or a Housing First plan for resettled housing, GLCH’s Survivor Support Program offers a comprehensive approach to service.

For further information, please contact William Lane, MSW at 404-681-0680, x 105 or via email wlane@galawcenter.org.

In case of emergency, call 911 and/or 800-332-2836 Georgia Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline.

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