What We Provide

Legal Representation

At GLCH we work towards gaining justice for those who are too often denied access. We strive to vanquish the sense, so many of our clients have, that society is against them. Our dedicated team of attorneys devote their skills to represent clients in a variety of legal matters including wrongful evictions, landlord disputes, creditor collections, custody battles, divorce proceedings, child support issues, and violations against individual rights, access to benefits programs, and various other civil matters. Our qualified lawyers work with eligible clients to receive the necessary legal advice and counsel so that they are better prepared and armed to navigate the often confusing and difficult legal hurdles they face.

Eligible Clients needing assistance with legal issues are encouraged to go through our intake process. During the intake process clients will have the opportunity to discuss their specific legal needs and concerns with our qualified team.

Social Work

Drawing upon the expertise of our social workers and client advocate team, GLCH plays an important role in helping our clients eradicate poverty and homelessness. The National Association of Social Workers lists poverty as a primary social problem. Our social workers provide assistance to our clients on both the micro, or individual, and macro, or large-scale, levels. Providing assistance with concrete needs is one of the most important ways that our social worker and client advocate team helps to eradicate homelessness in our community. The collaborative team supports clients with housing needs and stability along with addressing the daily concerns and troubles our clients face: such as gaining access to food, clothing, and shelter; assistance in applying for social security, disability, and other social benefits; referrals for health and child care providers; and a variety of other needs that are intrinsically unique to our homeless and imminently homeless clients.

Clients receiving assistance through our programs gain access to our social workers to assist them in becoming self-sufficient. Our social workers provide clients with a variety of training opportunities, case management, referrals, and gaining access to additional programs and benefits serving our clients.


GLCH functions as an agent of change, advocating on behalf of our client community to address the underlying causes of homelessness. Our advocacy work is multidimensional, including personal advocacy for our clients, community outreach, and transformative justice. We work as a team with those we serve, to access the power and impact of combined voices for self-sufficiency and solidarity.

Eligible clients in need of a birth certificate are encouraged to apply for our advocacy program. We obtain birth certificates on behalf of clients so that they can obtain an ID, Social Security Card, employment, benefits, and more.

Areas of Expertise

  • Housing Law and Evictions
  • Preventing pending evictions
  • Reversing wrongful evictions
  • Increasing access to public housing
  • Avoiding public housing lease terminations
  • Visit the Eviction Answer Clinic

Income and Benefits Claims

  • Wage claims
  • Access to benefits for veterans
  • Access to benefits for the disabled
  • Wills and Probate

Family Law

  • Domestic violence
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Birth certificate requests
  • Name changes

Education Law

  • Special education
  • Disciplinary tribunals
  • McKinney-Vento related cases

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